SD-WAN: Never experience an internet outage again


What is SD-WAN? To put it simply, it is a device that allows you to have multiple internet connections on your network. In your company, you may have anywhere from 5 to 50 applications that use the internet, and that are vital to the functionality of your business. Your VoIP phones, your billing system, online content, access control, email, CRM, credit card processors, let alone all your employees with their computers are all relying on your connection not failing. Moreover, each device and application are pulling at your allotted bandwidth causing your speeds to slow. Today’s networks simply weren’t built for so many functions to be taking place simultaneously. That’s why companies are acting quickly to upgrade their network with SD-WAN.  Here are 4 reasons why you simply can’t afford to continue without 1Wire’s SD-WAN and redundancy plan.


  1. Data Fail Over

One connection simply doesn’t cut it in today’s world. All too often an ISP will have an outage in an area that takes several hours and sometimes days to get back up. This causes businesses serious stress as they try and forward their phones, and work remotely to keep customers, prospects, and vendors at bay till they’re back up and running. 1Wire’s SD-WAN allows you to take two separate connections that will automatically switch between connections as data begins to fail. So, whether in a complete outage, or experiencing high usage and packet loss, the device will pull traffic from the other connection creating a seamless connection for everyone in your business.

  1. Bonds multiple connections

Above and beyond the fact that the SD-WAN device will automatically make changes when experiencing packet loss, the device will also combine your two connections. This means that neither connection will go unused, but in fact will be combined for speed and available bandwidth. Imagine going through your daily schedule without having the internet slowing you down, allowing you the most productivity.

  1. Encrypts data from point to point

Your private network has never been so private. This feature of the device allows your data to travel from the connection to your network without any third-party interruption.

  1. QOS to ensure voice quality

Finally, SD-WAN allows you to prioritize your applications. If your call center is highly important and you want to verify that you will not have call quality issues, SD-WAN allows you to make your voice data a priority. Check out the image below for a more in-depth description of how SD-WAN works.

Take control over your network and make sure that it never fails you again. Quit worrying about whether or not you can get through the day without the headache of waiting on your internet, or worse, losing it altogether. Quit losing money on outages and internet companies that can’t help you in the time you need it. It’s time to take your network into your own hands, be prepared, and work productively with a flawless connection.

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