In the World of Big Data: Get the Most Out of Your Reports

The ability to record your calls is no longer the crowning feature in phone technology. Your phone system should be able to do a lot more for you and tell you more about your organization than simply answer and dial calls. Let us give you 3 options that will help you get the most out of your phone system reporting tool.

1. Know the basic functions

Technology can sometimes be overwhelming, especially because of the many options and features that it makes available to us. Often, individuals and organizations will hesitate to take the plunge into better technologies that could significantly help certain processes because they are nervous about all the new things they will have to learn in order for the technology to be useful and do what it is supposed to do. The way one can combat this cognitive dissonance, or discomfort of the unknown, is to simply wade in the basics until he/she feels comfortable to move forward. The basics of the reporting tool of your phone system will help you begin to see all that you can do with the tool. Take comfort in the simplicity of knowing where callers are calling into, how long the average call is in certain queues, as well as looking to see how long it takes for your agents to answer calls. Getting comfortable with these basics will allow you to begin to see the availability of so much information to you through this tool. Many organizations will argue that they are not big enough to need all the statistics and real-time data that our reporting tool offers. However, many of our smaller clients are finding that even they can make more purposeful decisions concerning operations, advertising campaigns, and internal functions by looking at how quickly callers are being addressed by the departments that are most equipped to help them. The video below will go over the main dashboard page, the simplicity that comes with our reporting tool that is automatically working simply by having your phone system with us. If nothing else, the use and comprehension of this basic page can offer significant additional information that will help you make purposeful changes in your company.

2. Customization is the name of the game.

The ability to make reports work for your specific needs and tell you what you are looking for is where you will find the greatest value in this tool. One client has the need to associate recorded calls with the new sales they are making for verification purposes. They are able to go into our system, find certain calls quickly, and download the associated audio file to attach with their internal system. Knowing how to run certain reports will help you make comparisons and contrasts between groups, particular agents, and certain direct phone numbers to see where call volume is greater, at what times of the day, month, or year as well as see what campaigns with associated numbers are generating greater traffic. The video below makes running different reports easy, as it simply goes through what each report and area of information means.

3. Take control of your reports.

The ability to run certain reports will already help you see information that you never would have thought would have been privy through your phone system, but going a step further will not only make the information more accessible but clearer to read as well.  Assigning tags to extensions, direct numbers (DIDs), and agent groups (queues), you will be able to sift through the information a lot quicker. Say you wanted to run a report to see how many calls the sales group is getting on a day to day basis, and in particular one certain agent, and how they compare to other agents or other internal groups. By assigning each group, extension, and number a tag you can run reports by tag to help you get a better understanding of how quickly callers get their issues addressed. After running the report, you will find the audio file already populated in the details of each call so that you can take your inquiry a step further and listen to the quality of the call for training purposes. Assign certain webpages direct numbers, use a number on the billboard of the county bulletin, or give a number to other campaigns you run to watch where you are best reaching your audience. Watch as efficiency decisions become more easy to make as more and more information comes to you through your phone system.

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