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Why Voip?

VoIP technology merges your traditional voice services (dial tone, long distance service) on to your existing high speed data connection. By utilizing one network, 1Wire Communications will help your business lower initial capital costs and reduce ongoing dial tone and long distance charges, while dramatically improving your businesses ability to communicate efficiently with customers and prospects.

Home-based telecommuters, traveling road warriors, and multi-state remote offices are all challenges of today’s businesses as they struggle to provide the same level of customer service that large companies do. This often means purchasing more equipment than a business really needs or can readily afford. 1Wire Communications’ products can easily scale from one (1) line and one (1) phone applications to multi-line and multi-state applications and just about everything and anything a business encounters. Complete flexibility and a robust feature set enable businesses to function and grow at their own pace. The purchase of a traditional phone system becomes an unnecessary expense, not a strategic investment. The flexibility and scalability of our products will increase your businesses mobility and efficiency.

What We Deliver

  • Approximately 50% savings on capital expense vs. a traditional PBX phone system.

  • Approximately a 15%–20% reduction in annual telecom operating costs vs. traditional dial tone, long distance, and internet providers combined with ongoing service charges for programming and maintenance.

  • Increased operational efficiencies from new developments in telecommunications technology.