7 Ways VoIP Will Enhance Your Business

Organizations are recognizing the need for clear communication structure. The ability to communicate more efficiently in organizations is becoming more and more relevant as companies realize there are tangible, measurable, returns on investment that come from communication aspects. In a world of Big Data, analytics on marketing and advertising efforts, and business clouds, the ability to be purposeful in communication is only becoming more prevalent. 1Wire is a company fixed on the idea and helping companies reach a higher potential.

With more efficiency in communication comes a variety of possible ramifications such as; stronger company culture, minimization of responsibility gaps within internal organizations, increasing customer service and customer facing positions ability to meet customer’s needs, lowering litigation costs, increasing customer loyalty, increasing employee job satisfaction, and several other crucial factors that can cripple a business if not addressed appropriately.

Here are 7 ways we believe VoIP will help your company be more efficient.


  1. Live Call Reporting

With real time data, you can look at all the statistics of the calls coming in and going out. You can assign numbers to certain marketing campaigns or sales efforts and quantify the results by visually calculating which messages are reaching audiences and causing them to act. You also have the ability to sort your statistics by queues, extensions, or direct numbers and look at a clean interface that displays the information quickly and clearly to help you get an idea of the calls you’re generating and addressing. You will find that the more information you have concerning the calls coming in, from where, who is answering them, how long average calls are, etc., the easier it will be to make future executive decisions to ensure you are placing your efforts in the most valuable areas.

  1. Call Handling

This is a feature that will help you direct callers to the agents that will be most equipped to answer their questions and resolve issues. In the list of detailed features, you have the ability to ring certain extensions and then ring additional phones, include certain departments on specified direct numbers, guide callers through and auto attendant (see next) to agent groups that offer a log in and log out queue, include external cell phones, and route voicemail to your email. With call handling features you can assure that no call is being lost and that calls don’t wait to be answered too long.

  1. Auto Attendants

Companies today create auto attendants that use customized messages that will allow callers to get to the appropriate department or agent with ease. Auto attendants will allow you to customize messages that will automatically activate during special times designated to them like after hours and during holidays. The auto attendant will allow callers to dial certain options giving your employees additional information about the caller just by knowing which groups or extensions are ringing. The auto attendant coupled with other features described here will ensure that your business is doing everything possible to answer calls efficiently and address your audiences and customers appropriately. An auto attendant can help small businesses appear larger and feel more organized, while helping large businesses answer a larger quantity of calls quicker offering a more personalized, small-business, tone that instantly influences the culture of your organization.

  1. Hold Messaging

This feature allows you to customize your on-hold messages to give precise advertisements, promotions, and additional information for your customers according to certain times of the year or current campaigns that you are running. Hold messaging is a feature that allows for yet another aspect of your advertising strategy to be specific and pin pointed to your audience. Whether you create your own or use our technology, the value of high quality music coupled with good content will engage positively an already targeted audience.

  1. Call Recording

The ability to record your calls may sound menial and old news, but many companies still are in the dark when it comes to using recorded calls for training purposes as well as utilizing them in ticketing systems. Strategic use of recorded calls will keep internal constituents on the same page and streamline problem resolution processes as well as allow employees to refer back to conversations they may need additional details to. With this feature you can easily download the audio file of the call and use it in your own software, email it, or use it for other training purposes.

  1. Webfax

You wouldn’t believe how many companies have switched to webfax. Yet while many have taken the plunge into technology, there are many who are still struggling with old fax systems set up to ancient machines that simply can’t do what the new fax systems can. It’s time to take the next step in faxing. With the ability to send and receive faxes right from your email, you can avoid the hassle of scanning and dialing in documents, and instead send with ease, and receive a quick and easy status on the success of the fax. Again if communication is the key, then the ability to choose how many employees receive certain faxes to specified numbers is right on line with keeping internal constituents on the same page.

  1. Upgrading Office Technology

In the end, whether or not you are interested in being more proactive on the statistics you can pull right from your own office, the ability to take your old system and upgrade for a lower cost is appealing. From the phone hardware, the ease of making transfers and conferencing large groups, to the programmable buttons and features available to each extension including the ability to make and receive calls from any physical location with access the internet, you will be more equipped to offer better service. It is worth it to take your business to the next level of technology, especially when cost is not an issue.

– Quinn Thurman

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