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Change is good, and moving forward in today’s world means becoming more user friendly and accommodating customers on the things that matter most. What may seem “above and beyond” in the customer service sphere is really becoming expected when it comes to having your services laid out and addressing customer needs. Transparency and timely responses, are key to customer satisfaction and with all that technology offers, companies really can’t afford to not make these a priority.


With that, 1Wire has just launched a new customer portal that allows customers to log in and complete a variety of tasks easily. Take note of the following three features and what they will do for you and your company.


  1. Service Summary


You may be just starting out with 1Wire, or you may be a long-time customer. Either way, this feature changes the game by itemizing your monthly statement, allowing you to be very clear on the services receive from us. This allows for 1Wire to keep a clear line of communication open, in turn helping you not be surprised with the services you have. Companies that do not advocate this kind of transparency, will often hope you don’t know all the ins and outs of your bill, and will occasionally hit you with a price you did not expect. 1Wire is determined to show you to keep you in the loop and show you that what you’re paying is exactly what you budgeted for. This way you can more easily monitor moves, adds, and/or changes in your phone system as your business continues to grow and change dynamics.

Customer Portal Service Summary

  1. Invoices at a Glance


With this feature, not only will you be able to see what you paid in the last month, but you can watch trends over a period of time. This will allow you to watch increase in monthly usage, help you view the changes that you made, and help you plan for future months and years. This is another feature that customers today should expect from companies providing them service. It helps feature quality products and weeds out corrupt business plans.

Customer Portal Invoice Trends

  1. Create and Monitor Customer Service Tickets


If 1Wire’s local, quick, and personable customer service phone, email, and live chat response wasn’t enough, the new customer portal now lets you make a ticket with us right in our CRM. This will not only help you get quick answers to questions, but will provide a way for you to interact with customer service and track the progress of your ticket. Quick results are directly correlated with local teams, but now you can get them without lifting your phone. Simply create a ticket at your earliest convenience, and receive fast, easy, results without disrupting your daily routine.


Customer Portal Ticket

There are a couple ways to get to this new portal. You can simply request the login email to be sent to you and follow the steps in the video at the end of this post, or you can simply click the support tab above and choose the option “my account”.

While your business grows, and does what it does best, you shouldn’t settle with the inability to get what you’re paying for, and get transparency from the companies that provide you service. Whether it is making quick, easy, payments, or one of the features mentioned above, the more time you can save working with your service companies, the more time you will have to do what you do. Take a look at the video below to help you get started with 1Wire’s customer portal.

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